Sewing at East Ridge Church of Christ

She will love her new dress! Can’t you just picture the smile on some little girl’s face when she puts on a new dress made by the loving hands of an East Ridge lady? The first sewing class at the East Ridge Church of Christ began April 21, 2013 with plans to meet every Sunday afternoon until the mission trip to Nicaragua in June.

Each class time begins with a short Bible application lesson to emphasize the theme of the sewing class “according to the pattern.” The master teacher, Jesus used things people understood to teach spiritual lessons, so lessons will be taught about Biblical patterns. A pattern is defined as a copy, imitation, standard, design, model, form, mould, duplicate, example, shape, set of rules. Two important points that will be repeated are: patterns do not change and they apply the same for everybody.

There are examples of patterns in our everyday lives we all use and sometimes do not think of them as being a pattern – a sewing pattern, recipe, blueprint, instructions, time, placement of notes on a music staff, or any sport. If instructions of a recipe are changed, the dish of the recipe will be different. If members of an orchestra decide to change placement of notes on a music staff the concert will no longer be music. If all members of a sports team decide to change the rules and play the game as each member wants there is chaos, confusion, selfishness, possibly violence. The same applies to Biblical patterns and God’s instructions.

Several came to the first class to learn to sew, cut out dresses, and choose material and patterns to sew at home.

Susan Franklin at Ft. Oglethorpe Church of Christ is also attending and that sewing group has made 100 dresses to send to Nicaragua.

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A Bible lesson on Biblical patterns begins each class.

A Bible lesson on Biblical patterns begins each class.

Ft. Oglethorpe Sewing to Nicaragua

Teens to adults, from Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and four other states, devoted time to do mission work in Nicaragua, a country located in Central America, during the month of June.

A Vacation Bible School was held the first week near the city of Leon with over 800 children being taught the good news of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s word. The second week was devoted to medical, benevolence, and Bible studies conducted in the city of Managua.  Over 2,000 patients were registered and assisted with medical needs, pharmaceutical medications, eyeglasses, food, clothing, and classes taught regarding personal hygiene.  During this time, doors were knocked, Bible studies conducted, and classes taught with Bible stories.  God blessed the efforts and gave the increase, as people obeyed the gospel and put on Jesus Christ in baptism for the forgiveness of their sins.

A very good representation was given of the Lord and His church in the work that was done in Nicaragua.  The praise and glory goes to God, as “Sewing for Christ” had opportunity to be involved in the mission efforts. A group of ladies and girls from the Fort Oglethorpe church of Christ sewed, making 87 dresses which were distributed to little girls in Nicaragua. Other congregations also sewing contributed dresses, toys, and clothing.

The workers, including some who were on their first foreign mission work, were very diligent in all of their efforts.  They arrived safely back in the United States, exhausted, but thrilled about the efforts that had been made in Nicaragua.  May God be the “Recipient” of all the praise, honor and adoration for the work that was done, for giving the increase, for opening doors of opportunity for service, and for safety in the mission field and arriving home.

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Rising Fawn Sewing Going to the Philippines

On March 25, the Sunday evening worship, Don Walker and Chris Gerber came to the Rising Fawn Church of Christ and spoke about their upcoming mission trip to the Philippines in April. They were presented with the dresses made by the sewing group.

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Rising Fawn Sewing Toys

Our sewing group at the Rising Fawn Church of Christ has made 100 toy animals to be donated to Partnership for Women and  Children in Chattanooga, TN. The article below was printed in the Dade County Sentinel.

God is blessing the work at the church of Christ in Rising Fawn!

            A project was begun as an object lesson on following the pattern, by teaching the girls at the church of Christ at Rising Fawn, how to sew a simple dress.  Now, two loads of dresses have been sent with the Trenton Church of Christ in a mission effort in the Philippines.  The project has spread to other congregations, including the Fort Oglethorpe Church of  Christ, who will be taking children’s clothing to Nicaragua on a mission trip.

Along with the dresses, members of the Rising Fawn congregation both young and old, have been making stuffed toy animals.  About 100 animals have been made.

January 29, Officer Kyle Moses of the Chattanooga police force, spoke at the evening worship service at the church of Christ at Rising Fawn.  Following the service, the animals were presented to Officer Moses to be taken and distributed to children living with their mothers in a home for abused women.  As Officer Moses said in talking with the director of the shelter, “Many people donate toys, but few donate things that the children can hold and snuggle.”

The girls of the Rising Fawn congregation made individual cards to go along with the animals, letting the children know that these toys were made with love.  Also, the adults signed a card to accompany the toy animals.

This project has been involving the entire congregation as material has been purchased or donated, a cabinet purchased and assembled by men, ladies and girls meeting the 4th Sunday every month to spend 1½ hours during that afternoon in sewing.

May God continue to bless the church of Christ at Rising Fawn, and God be glorified in all we do!

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Sewing at Ft. Oglethorpe Church of Christ

The sewing group at the Church of Christ at Ft. Oglethorpe has continued to meet on Wednesdays making dresses that will be going to Nicaragua in June.

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God’s Pattern for Marriage

Our sewing group at the Rising Fawn Church of Christ met this afternoon.

A short Bible lesson was taught by Sherry Durham using the passage Mark 10:6-9, God’s early pattern for marriage that continues to today. Marriage is one man, one woman, married for life until one spouse dies, with the exception of a spouse who commits adultery. God’s pattern does not allow two men to marry or two women to marry. God does not recognize a marriage that is not according to His pattern.

The group is continuing to sew dresses to send to the Philippines and the girls are learning to make purses.

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God’s Pattern for Marriage

A small group met for sewing at the Trenton Church of Christ starting with a short Bible lesson. The scripture reading is Mark 10:6-9, one of the earliest patterns given by God, His pattern for marriage. Marriage includes one man, one woman, married for life until one of the spouses dies.

Suppose every member of a football team decides to make up their own rules. The result is chaos, confusion, violence, and selfishness. The state of New York recently passed a law legalizing same sex marriage. Marriage, divorce, remarriage is common in our culture as is adultery and living together without being married.  God does not recognize a marriage that does not fit His pattern.

The group is taught today how to make the simple bandana style dresses that tie with ribbons on the shoulders.

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Sewing at Ft. Oglethorpe

It is  exciting that another congregation has started participating in the sewing ministry started at Rising Fawn. Several women at the Ft. Oglethorpe Church of Christ are meeting on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Some of the women are experienced seamstresses and some are learning how to sew. Several sewing machines and lots of material have been donated. They are excited about participating in a service and plan to donate the dresses they make to a mission effort.

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